Frequently Asked Questions


"What type of exercise do you specialize in at BreakThrough Fitness?"
As Personal Trainers in Santa Rosa, we specialize in one-on-one training, using SuperSlow® method, on the best equipment in the industry. A certified personal trainer designs a program just for you and coaches you through each workout from start to finish. Utilizing this strength training method provides a safe and effective full-body workout that increases strength, builds bone density, and improves cardiovascular function in the most efficient way possible.

This type of workout is the most essential component to enhancing one’s overall physical fitness. In addition to using a SuperSlow® approach to strength training, at BreakThough we include various other research-based approaches proven effective for enhancing strength, flexibility, fat loss, health, and well-being. Some of these include specialized cardio-training approaches targeted toward fat-burning and heart health.

We also offer personal training using Pilates methods, as well as offer classes in our Pilates and Yoga Studio. BreakThrough Fitness is a comprehensive fitness and wellness center for adults who wish to be healthy and strong through their lifespan.


"What is the value of using a personal trainer for such workouts?"
BreakThrough trainers have the education and experience to get you the results you desire with the most efficient use of your training time. BreakThrough fitness trainers provide support in many ways, improving the level of workout and fitness you attain as well as your motivation and commitment. Work with a BreakThrough personal trainer and see the transformation unfold.

"Is the SuperSlow workout safe and effective for all ages and fitness levels?"
Yes. Adults of all ages through 100 can safely and effectively train at BreakThrough. Some of the best results are attained by people who thought they were never really athletic or who couldn't see themselves doing weightlifting.


"How often do I need to train at BreakThrough?"
Your BreakThrough personal trainer in Santa Rosa will typically start you with two, 30-minute SuperSlow training sessions per week. With practice, you can achieve great benefits by training only once a week!

Your BreakThrough trainer may also include in your program specialized cardio-training, one to two times per week, no more than 20 minutes per session. The cardio-training is a type of interval training designed to enhance fat loss and cardiovascular fitness. This part of the program is an option and set up to be done independently.


"How do I get started? Do you offer a free trial with a personal trainer in Santa Rosa?"
Just call us or stop by to schedule a free trial week of membership. A personal trainer will carefully guide you through two introductory trial sessions to give you the opportunity to evaluate the BreakThrough experience. The trial sessions are available to all who are interested in personal training, and carry no additional obligation or commitment.


"Do you offer Yoga or Pilates instruction, or any other classes?"
Yes, some of our members complement their strength and cardio-training with individual Pilates Reformer instruction and Pilates, TRX, and Yoga classes. Class instruction is comfortable and intimate, limited to ten students per class, located on the lower level at BreakThrough Fitness. Gym membership is not required to attend classes.


"Can I train on my own?"
Yes. Being self-supervised gives you the flexibility of training independent of a trainer. Members who wish to become self-supervised need to demonstrate competency in setting the machines as well as the ability to train safely with good form and adequate intensity. Some initial work with a trainer will be necessary before becoming self-supervised and the number of sessions varies depending on experience. We support all members' fitness goals and value your safety above all.

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