Personal Training: Building a Stronger You

At BreakThrough Fitness, we specialize in personal training with custom programs for the individual. Our most important goal, simply put, is for all of our members to win. We achieve every victory with a thorough, time-proven, safe and effective technique. Our certified trainers are trained in the SuperSlow® method, which has gained a lot of media attention in recent years. Many trainers may offer SuperSlow®, High-Intensity, Power of Ten workouts (aliases for SuperSlow), but the Breakthrough combination of trainer experience, trainer knowledge, machine quality and facility environment cannot be matched.

Our certified trainers are skilled in dealing with individual needs and goals, and can accommodate clients who may have chronic post-rehabilitation injuries or reduced Range of Motion (R.O.M.) issues. In a relaxed setting, before the first repetition, we do a full review of your health and fitness history, evaluating with care, your specific goals, and determine which is the best and safest way to guide you to fulfillment of your goals. Every client of BreakThrough has a unique body and life history, so we don't believe in generic routines or "cookie-cutting" with an one-size-fits-all approach to fitness and health. While our members appreciate the absence of cookie cutters, they relish the dream of cookie-eating. We welcome any and all cookie-eaters to BreakThrough Fitness!

Do you have the time for a strength and fitness program? We typically start our clients with two, 30-minute full-body strength and cardio training sessions per week. In addition, for clients who wish to accelerate fat loss, we teach clients to perform short duration, high-intensity cardio workouts, once or twice per week, on their own. These cardio workouts are 10-20 minute sessions, and are much more effective than the "old school" long-duration cardio workout. BreakThrough workouts are short, safe, and effective, getting you results and saving you time.

With a little time and much effort (we promise, you will make effort for body-changing results!) you can reach the "Once-a-Week-Workout" status, where you can get stronger and leaner every week, with just thirty minutes of exercise every seven days. As for the remaining six days, twenty-three-and-a-half hours of the week, it is entirely your time to use as you please. You may want to shop for a smaller-sized wardrobe...but of course, that is your call to make.