While the majority of Breakthrough clients work weekly with their personal trainer, many people become self-supervised in their fitness program. Being self-supervised gives you the flexibility of training without a trainer, on your own time schedule, monitoring your own effort and progress. With some initial instruction, we are happy to support members who wish to workout on a self-supervised basis.

Safety and Intensity.

Self-supervised clients will receive instruction in training safely, with adequate intensity and good form, in addition to learning seat settings and record-keeping. Each person demonstrates a different ability to fully grasp the details and nuances of self-supervised training, so we offer a rough timeline of six weeks, or twelve training sessions with a trainer for those new to strength training. More experienced members can become self-supervised more quickly.

Once self-supervised, it can be very beneficial to train periodically with a trainer, perhaps once a month. This check-in time can be used to review technique, ensure safety, and sometimes "break through" a plateau in your routine. The monthly "reunions" are a powerful and cost-effective way to "rev up" your motivation. Having a clean, comfortable atmosphere, where it seems everyone does know your name, we like to keep a close watch on all members, especially those training independently. Our personal trainers are readily available to answer a question, or more often, give some encouragement as you tackle your workout.